Jewellery Care

Treat your jewellery with caring love!

The  metals used for our jewellery are 925° silver, and brass. Each piece of jewellery goes through a complete, plating process which helps maintain original shine and delays natural signs of wear.

Platinum plated jewellery, initially receive a layer of palladium. A noble metal, belonging to the group of white-gold metals, which unlike common metals, is particularly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Palladium, acts as an "insulation", preventing any possible tarnish from reaching the item's surface. A layer of platinum follows, thus completing the plating process

Gold plated jewellery, also receives a first, insulating layer of palladium. This layer is followed by a layer of 24 karat gold, known as double gold or Double d' or. An optimal plating process, which coats each piece of jewellery with gold 1mikron thick.

 Above procedures will in fact protect your jewellery, however they require a care of their own. Contact with chemicals such as house cleaning agents, bleach, or had cream will cause your jewellery to loose their shine.

If you want to keep your jewellery looking as good as new, you must follow the below instructions to the t!

Remove your jewellery before:

    • using antiseptic agents
    • doing the dishes
    • taking a shower
    • swimming (sea or pool)
    • using household products (bleach, detergents etc)
    • using personal hygiene products and cosmetics (perfumes, hand or body creams, body oils, etc)

Whether your jewellery is made of sterling silver, or brass, you must take equally good care of them!

When not worn, keep your jewellery in a pouch, velvet box or jewellery box. Protect them the best you can and you will be able to enjoy them for years to come!