One of the most important issues, when caring for your leather bag, is to always handle it with clean hands! Leather tends to absorb oily stains, such as those left by our hands.

If you realize that your bag is stained, you must clean it immediately. Organic stains such as food stain, grease, blood, etc, can be removed with the use of white chalk dust. Simply crush some white chalk, and place the dust on the stain. Let it sit overnight and then gently wipe away, with a soft cloth.

When you do not use your bag, it is advised that you store it. Proper storage would be in the pouch the bag was in when you purchased it. If no pouch is a available, use a soft, cotton pillowcase. Prior to storing the bag, make sure it is filled with crushed paper or bubble wrap! This will help keep its shape, and avoid the formation of crinkles.

DO NOT use turpentine, alcohol, or any other chemical dissolvent, to clean your bag! Such chemicals will only stain, and possibly dry your bag out! Instead only use products, you can purchase online or in any physical store, selling leather accessory care products. Such stores, also provide leather “conditioner” which you should use on your bag, 1-2 times annually.

Do not use a hair dryer, to dry your bag! If your bag gets wet, opt to use a soft micro fiber cloth, to absorb as much liquid as possible. Let it air dry!



If your bag has wear or water marks, those can easily be removed, with the use of a clean, dry brush. Don’t brush down too hard, as you may end up “scratching” it.

Certain stains, can also be removed with a clean, white, pencil eraser! Again, do not use excessive force as you might ruin the bags fibers.

Wear and tear marks, can be dealt with, using vinegar or rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth. Dampen it but make sure you don’t soak it. Gently rub your purse. You may have to repeat the procedure, several times before its original “glory” is fully restored.

Regardless of the above, it is advised that a couple of times a year, you have your bag professionally cleaned (dry cleaner).

When wanting to take care of your bag, leather or suede, make sure that pens, make up, perfumes etc, are placed in a cosmetics or other bag/pouch, prior to placing them in your bag. This will ensure that possible leaks/drips/smears, will not reach the bag’s  surface, permanently marking it.

The best you take care of your bag, the longer you will be able to enjoy it, in its original shape and condition!